Find an Internship–12 Resources to Explore (updated)

IMG_2559If you’re ready to get some hands-on, professional media experience, now’s the time to look for an internship. A paid, summer internship OF COURSE is ideal. You should pursue those opportunities, but also keep in mind that at the best media companies, those spots can be highly competitive. And small companies generally don’t have money to offer their interns.

So it may be easier to look for a spring or fall internship instead. At CCNY, interns generally receive academic credit. (For more information, reach out to Professor Lynne Scott Jackson,

How do you find an internship? You look–hard! CCNY students have interned at large media companies like NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NY1, Univision, Hearst, Time Inc., Conde Nast, The New York Observer, the Daily News, WNYC and many more. Most students did the work to find positions and apply for them. You need to be relentless. Follow the program Facebook page, here. I’m posting as fast as I can. 

There are plenty of resources and opportunities out there. To get started, follow these tips:

1. Go directly to the website of the media outlet you’d like to work for and see what’s offered. For instance, click here for information about internships offered by NBC Universal. Or here for NY1. Or here for Time Inc. Or here for Buzzfeed. Cast a wide net.

2. MEOjobs is an AMAZING aggregation of media internships. It’s pretty much one stop shop!

3. Try Ed2010, a site organized by students interested in publishing. Companies post openings, mainly at magazines–print and digital. When I looked over the opportunities 5 minutes before writing this,  I noticed openings at The Food Network,, Oprah and Time Out for budding writers, photographers, designers and editors.

4. Join linked in, the free social media network for careers.  Create a profile and sign up for the jobs email alert. Most posts are for job-jobs, but you can also receive internship alerts. Make sure you have a linked in page that includes a professional photo that’s friendly and approachable. Your resume should be clean, up to date, and slanted toward your media experience/studies. For info, read this article.

5. Check in on Mediabistro for listings.

6. Recruiters like Indeed, a no-fuss search engine for jobs that has become increasingly popular with employers. When I searched media internships, I saw several in fashion.

7. Try Findspark, a membership organization that offers support, information, meet-ups and listings to college students and recent grads interested in creative industries. Read this Find Spark story: 20 + Career Tips From Creatives Who Were in Your Shoes.

8. Sign up for Johnson Jobs; you’ll receive a daily email with job/intern postings based on your skills and employment level.

9. Looking for sports internships specifically? Click here for guidance.

10. Quieres Spanish speaking media? Try these opportunities.

11. Brush up on professional social media skills. Take a class or volunteer to be the social media manager for a nonprofit, church or campus organization. This is the hot media job — social media = most intern and entry level position entry — so make sure you’ve got the skills.

12. New resources! The career center on campus recommends: journalism jobs, media industry newsletter (sign up for job alerts) and journalism next.

FINAL THOUGHT: Don’t just apply to one or two internships. Instead, go for broke. Isn’t it better if you have lots of offers to choose from? Good luck!


Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 1.17.42 PMWhether for a job or internship, a cover letter introduces you to a potential employer and offer a first impression. Your letter MUST make a connection and be concise, grammatically perfect, well written and professional in tone. This letter tells your prospective employer what YOU can do for THEM, not what they can do for you. So don’t bother writing about how much you’d like to work for the company because it will help you in the future. What do they care?

Show YOUR value. Explain why they should bring you on. Here’s a sample:

Dear, ______________________________________________

I am writing to apply for an internship in AREA OF INTEREST with NAME OF COMPANY. I’m a senior at The City College of New York, where I am majoring in XX.

As my resume indicates, I have completed major coursework including INTRODUCTION TO JOURNALISM, SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES, AND PROSE WRITING WORKSHOP, among others. These hands-on classes provide me with a strong understanding of the demands of the profession, and the knowledge and skills to make a valuable contribution as an intern.

I have prior work experience having been a JOB TITLE for COMPANY. In this capacity, I brought my strong work ethic and professionalism to my employer. OR SAY SOMETHING THAT DEMONSTRATES YOUR PROFESSIONALISM.

In addition to my abilities and passion for this profession, I am hard working, ADD MORE PERSONAL QUALITIES HERE THAT DEFINE YOU.

I am especially interested in this internship because of NAME OF COMPANY’S excellent reputation for SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE COMPANY THAT BRANDS THEM, BASED ON THEIR WEBSITE COPY OR WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT THEM

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. Please contact me via e-mail or by phone at YOUR NUMBER.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Your Name

CCNY Grad Sues Bad Boy

Rashida Salaam (pictured) joins the ranks of students who think unpaid internships = volunteer slavery

Rashida Salaam, CCNY intern who minored in journalism

Last summer, Rashida Salaam, a former unpaid intern at Bad Boy Entertainment, sued the company, accusing P Diddy and his staff of violating minimum wage laws. She says she from January to May 2012 she had to answer telephones, get lunch and coffee for paid employees, make deliveries, gift-wrap presents and decorate the office during holidays–not exactly interesting or skill-building tasks.

Salaam, a recent CCNY graduate, joins increasing numbers of unpaid interns who claim that working for free equals exploitation. Earlier this year, a judge in New York ruled in favor of several unpaid interns who sued the producers of the movie “Black Swan” for violating federal labor laws. (The company is appealing.) This fall, Conde Nast suspended its internship program after students sued W and the New Yorker magazines.

Unpaid internships can provide a much needed foot in the door, especially for kids who don’t have connections or relatives who can walk them into companies like Conde Nast and Universal Music Group, the parent company of Bad Boy. On the other hand, unpaid internships actually means paying to work, since students have to shell out tuition money for the credits they earn as interns.

Salaam says she has no animosity against Bad Boy. “I was taken advantage of as far as wages go,” she told the Daily News. “I was naive.”

Vibe-ing: Information about Internships

Alicia-Keys-Vibe-April-May-2012Vibe is looking for interns in Summer and Fall 2013. Here’s the scoop:

Contact: Send a note to: Here’s what to expect:

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Learn how to write breaking news stories for
  • Handle administrative duties / paperwork / organization i.e. Faxing, distributing mail and reading letters from readers
  • Brainstorm ideas for VIBE and
  • Perform research for stories
  • Attend entertainment events and parties for red carpet reporting
  • Transcribe interviews with celebrities

Qualifications (The ideal VIBE intern is…)

  • Self-motivated and very willing to learn
  • Proactive and has a thirst for knowledge and passion for the world of media
  • Currently enrolled in Journalism, English, Writing or Media related program
  • Willing to work at least 2 days in our Union Square office and provide their own laptop
  • Social media skills are a plus. Some interns run and interact with fans on VIBE’s Twitter and Facebook accounts

Internship FAQ

jonathanOur program is ideally located in the media capital of the world. This means that our students have frequent contact with working journalists, industry professionals and community leaders who offer opportunities for networking, mentoring and internships.

Internships can provide a foot in the door, and help you land a job after graduation. Read through our FAQ for assistance and support:

Q: Which media companies offer internships?

A: CCNY students have interned at a number of large media outlets, including, Good Morning America, CBS Sports, Dateline NBC,, CNN, NY1, The NY Daily News, Fox News, BET, NPR, TV One, The Wendy Williams Show, Telemundo, MTV and the BBC–along with a number of national magazines: Glamour, Essence, Seventeen, Cosmo, SLAM, Reader’s Digest and People Stylewatch.

Q: How can I find one?

A: Think about the media outlets you’d like to work for. Go to their websites and explore available opportunities. At many companies, you can click on “careers,” “employment” or “human resources” to find applications and information about internships.

 You can also try these resources:
Ed2010, Media Bistro, Indeed (search internship). For sports internships, click here. For Spanish language or Hispanic internships, click here.

Q: How do internships work?

A: Increasingly, media companies pay interns–but it’s still pretty rare. Click here to read about the debate. Legally, if you are not paid for your internship, you are required to take a class for credit. If you take the internship for credit, you must register with Professor Appelbaum ( as you would for any class–which means you pay the college tuition. You may also need a letter confirming that you will receive college credit, which we can provide.

Q: How many credits can you receive?

You can register for 1, 2, or 3 credits.
Three credits means you work 180 hours (24-30 hours per week for 8 weeks)
Two credits means you work 120-179 (15-23 per wek for 8 weeks)
One credit means you work 60-119 hours) 12-22 hours per week)


Get in on the Action: Sports Internships

ptiAlong with searching for a sports internship on general sites like Ed2010, try these resources to find a sports internship: Start here with Work in Sports jobs site. Here’s the Time Inc internships area; Time Inc. owns Sports Illustrated and HBO:

ESPN List of available internships (most are in Connecticut or California): UNIVERSAL SPORTS For job/internship inquiries: Universal Sports Network Lisa Taylor, Human Resources (818) 661-4100 Please submit cover letter and resume. MSG For employment opportunities, contact: The Madison Square Garden Company’s Administrative Offices 212-465-6000 For more info, see: NBA (Deadline for summer is FEB. 17) NFL (League Internships) (Team Internships/Jobs) MLB (League Internships/Jobs) Internship Listings: Employment Homepage: (Team Internships/Jobs) FIFA Employment Homepage: CBS Internship Listings:^cdiRVeGJwf0rsCCOYEmFL0wDloB78rkfWU6WzfTu/QXOeT3OXbJ535seuO1ALET0 For more info, see: ABC Internship Listings: Employment Homepage: NBC FOX HBO NY1

More Internships–Spanish

6a00d8341bfc7553ef016767f2e479970b-640wiTo find an internship at a Latino or Spanish language outlet, see these resources:

Urban Latino Magazine

For information regarding internships, contact:

Editorial and Advertising Offices at:

(718) 797-1095 • fax (718) 855-8475 •

Latina Style Magazine

Internship Departments: Marketing, Special Events/Research, Circulation, and Graphic Design

For specifics and requirements, visit

El Correo de Queens

For information regarding internships, contact one or both of the following (based on your interests):

Editorial Department
(718) 224-5863

Advertising Department
(718) 224-5863 ext228

Univision TV

Go to and click the ‘Jobs’ link in the footer (very bottom) section of the homepage.

El Diario La Prensa

Hoy Nueva York

Search for job/internships at

El Especial

For specifics and requirements, visit

Send your resume to

La Voz Hispana

For information regarding internships, contact:


For information regarding internships, visit

For specifics and requirements, also visit

The Latin Post (La Nueva Farandula)

For information regarding internships, contact:

Andy Salas – Editor/Publisher

El Nacional Newspaper (NY)

For information regarding internships, contact:

(212) 781-1915

Latin Trends Magazine

Seeking freelance bloggers/writers.  For specifics and requirements, visit

To apply, email

NY Carib News

For information regarding internships, contact:

(212) 944-1991

Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter’s Internship Listings:

Internship/Job Databases: