Media, Fame and Celebrity in the Age of the Internet–Anyone?

Looking to pick up three MCA credits this summer? Sign up for “Media, Fame and Celebrity in the Age of the Internet,” a new course that will be offered Monday – Thursday during the month of June. Adjunct professor Ayana Byrd (shown here) will share her expertise and experience in what is sure to be an interesting, timely class. (It counts as a Journalism elective, too.) Here’s the scoop:

The Media, Fame and Celebrity in the Age of the Internet: MCA, Summer 2011, 3 credits

Lindsay Lohan. Brad and Angelina. Beyonce and Jay-Z. Lady Gaga. The Real Housewives.  You can find out anything and everything about these and other entertainment stars via E! Us Magazine,,, Twitter and many other media sources. Welcome to the world of celebrity journalism.

In this MCA class, Ayana Byrd—an author, journalist and pop culture critic—will offer a historical overview of popular culture in the media to the present.  The course will examine how journalists, publicists, celebrities—and now, thanks to blogs and phones that record videos, the public—document and shape popular culture. Through written assignments, in-class debates, ethics discussions and speaker presentations, the course will deconstruct the celebrity coverage of today, including how issues of class, race, gender and sexuality are celebrated and desecrated in the images we consume.