Report from Minneapolis: Tools for Success

By Anthony Viola

Last year, the staff of The Campus struggled with deadlines and content. While we managed accomplish what we needed to on time, we were limited to five people who were actually producing work. How do we make this year better than the last?

This unanswered question loomed over our heads before the summer began. As the incoming editor-in-chief of The Campus, this quickly became a task that I struggled with more than the rest of the staff. We’ve been to workshops before and have attended networking events in New York. While they provided me with ideas, none gave as much insight as the College Media Mega Workshop in Minneapolis on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Although it was only four days long, the editorial leadership workshop provided me with the tools I need to be a successful editor.

Professionals in the journalism field led the presentations, which included “Covering Suicide,” “Using Social Media,” and “Building an Elite Staff.” They enabled us to become better versions of ourselves through a variety of topics. We discussed unique ways of covering breaking news, like using Facebook Live and having field reporters generate stories as they come in. One group even used a police scanner to discover leads. Editors from The Washington Post and smaller newspapers in the Midwest gave us the opportunity to receive one-on-one criticism as well.

The workshop included around 50 other participants, from schools like the University of Vermont, Iowa State University, and Gonzaga University. Each presentation allowed us to interact with one another and receive peer criticism too. Based on all the feedback we received, The Campus plans to have 20-page issues as opposed to 16. We also set the goal of publishing at least one online article a week, and utilizing Facebook as much as possible. By using the resources we obtained in Minneapolis, our business manager is also working to develop online advertisements as well.

Everything about this trip was offered valuable experience. At a time when City College is facing a budget deficit among other troubles, student journalism is more important than ever before. With that in mind, we plan on having the most successful year we’ve ever had.