The Right Resume

Now’s the time to work on your resume. Here’s a template to download: Resume Sample Format 8 13

Here’s a good resume courtesy of my student Daniel Friedman. (Thanks Daniel!!!!)

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 12.48.33 PM

Why do I like this resume so much:

1. Clean, straightforward, easy-to-read format. The red is a nice extra. Makes it pop.

2. Has the good stuff at the top. He had me with the qualifications. Always start with a list of the skills and talents you bring to the party. They can be listed under “Qualifications,” “Summary,” or “Skills.” Be sure to list any social media proficiency–Twitter, Facebook, WordPress–as well as computer, audio and video skills if you have them.

3. Doesn’t have an “Objective.” Hate that. Don’t ever list an “Objective”–even if you’ve been told to do that. Objectives tell employers what you’re looking to gain from them. What do they care? Tell them what you have to offer.

4. Is specific. Have a resume tailored for each job or each industry. Daniel’s makes him look journalistic. He has another one that is shifted around and tweaked to make him seem more techie. I have one for academic jobs, another for book writing, one for health, one for LGBT, one for newspaper gigs etc.

5. His classwork is listed out. Daniel doesn’t have a ton of experience, but he has taken some journalism and communications courses. Those add weight to his resume.

6. “Media and Work experience are two separate entries. Daniel hasn’t had a job in media, but he has (unpaid) experience with the Campus and as a blogger–which is great. He also listed his CCNY web job…which is how he pays the bills. This shows that he’s held down a job, which HR may want to know.

Good luck! Daniel got an internship, that turned into a paying gig at a sports magazine using this resume!!! Now he’s working at Sports Illustrated as the NBA editor.


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