Intern Inspires Journalism Students

IMG_0591Raras Nikentari Talks About Her Life as Wife, Student and Intern By Carolene Chou

Raras Nikentari, a 24-year-old student at CCNY, spoke to a journalism class recently about her experience at CCNY and her experience as an intern. Her participation in school projects such as the Healthy CUNY Initiative, along with winning a GroupM scholarship in 2012, has opened up many opportunities for her in the communications field. Nikentari, who is happily married, also discussed how she manages her time and reveals the secret to paving her path towards success.

What is your biggest struggle?

English public speaking is the biggest challenge of my life. That’s why I took this opportunity, so I can overcome this challenge.

Why did you pick communications as your major?

My aunt is a media planner in Indonesia. The first thing that made me want to go into media planning was because I got a free ticket to Indonesian Idol from her. I thought, what a job!

So what do you want to do when you graduate?

Actually, the company I work for now, MEC [a global media firm and Group M agency], asked me if I’m interested in working at the regional team in Latin America.

Wow, congratulations! Is it similar to your internship?

I am currently interning on the global team, which I like because you work very closely with seniors in the industry. It is going to be a big challenge, but  I feel it will give me more skills I can use for my future.

What is your dream job?

Even right now I’m not sure if I will do advertising for the rest of my life, but I really want to be in a global team somewhere in the future.

What can you tell the us about the advertising field and the people in it? 

Everyone in advertising is social. When I was a hostess and when I was working at a bookstore, I was surrounded by different cultures. In order to make it in advertising you have to be good with people from different cultures. You have to be open minded with everything and you can’t think your culture is the best.

So you’re a student, with a challenging internship, and a wife. How do you advise students to manage their time?

Yes, my life is crazy. But you have to just do it. If you keep thinking about how much you have to do, nothing will get done.

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