Minoring in Journalism: The Facts

Social-Media-Journalism1 The CCNY journalism program is a minor, which allows flexibility and options. Some students become professional journalists–reporters, columnists, authors, magazine editors, producers, documentary filmmakers, and digital specialists—at media outlets across the country and around the world. Others continue to graduate school for deeper, more concentrated training. And still others learn to think and write like journalists and take their training into fields like public relations, advertising, medicine, science, law, government, teaching, politics, business and the arts.

The minor consists of four required courses and two electives for a total of 18 credits, with additional opportunities to participate in campus media and intern at local news organizations. The four requirements below should be taken in order:

MCA 10100: Introduction to Media Studies

A survey course that aims to acquaint students with the various mass media as well as the advertising and public relations industries.

MCA 23300: Introduction to Journalism 

Introduction to Journalism class

Introduction to Journalism class

A look at the state of the industry and introduction to the basics of reporting and writing for the print, digital and broadcast media.

MCA 33300: Reporting and Writing

Instruction and practice in the basic techniques of reporting, including, interviewing and public affairs research, and writing news for mass audiences.

For the final required course, students can choose EITHER Radio Journalism OR Television Journalism.

MCA 34100: Radio Journalism

A basic, interactive course in radio reporting and production.

Journalism students interview President Lisa Staiano-Coico

Journalism students interview President Lisa Staiano-Coico

MCA 34300: Television Journalism

An examination of the current state of the TV news industry and the basics in television reporting and production.


Select two from the following list.

MCA 10500: Introduction to Media Production

A hands-on course that offers the fundamental elements of video production.

MCA 40100: Ethics and Values in Communication

A senior seminar in the moral issues of communications and professional ethics.

CCNY students visit CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

CCNY students visit CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

 MCA 39900: Internship in Communications 

For more on interning opportunities, click here.

MCA 31013:  Supervised Radio Station Study

A hands-on, small-group study at WHCR Harlem Community Radio.

MCA 36500: Social Media Strategies

A detailed overview of popular social networking websites and other forms of social media with insight into their professional applications.

Political Science 21700: Mass Media and Politics

The political questions raised by the growth, methods and technology of the mass media.

Political Science 32200: Freedom of Expression Seminar

An advanced seminar examining the provisions of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that deal with freedom of expression.

English 23000: Writing Workshop in Prose

Emphasis on development of a prose style.

Sociology 27400: Urban Politics and Policy

An examination of the changing U.S. city with a focus on New York City.

Sociology 25000: Theory of Mass Culture and Mass Communications

Social effects of the mass media and the problem of public control.