Internship FAQ

jonathanOur program is ideally located in the media capital of the world. This means that our students have frequent contact with working journalists, industry professionals and community leaders who offer opportunities for networking, mentoring and internships.

Internships can provide a foot in the door, and help you land a job after graduation. Read through our FAQ for assistance and support:

Q: Which media companies offer internships?

A: CCNY students have interned at a number of large media outlets, including, Good Morning America, CBS Sports, Dateline NBC,, CNN, NY1, The NY Daily News, Fox News, BET, NPR, TV One, The Wendy Williams Show, Telemundo, MTV and the BBC–along with a number of national magazines: Glamour, Essence, Seventeen, Cosmo, SLAM, Reader’s Digest and People Stylewatch.

Q: How can I find one?

A: Think about the media outlets you’d like to work for. Go to their websites and explore available opportunities. At many companies, you can click on “careers,” “employment” or “human resources” to find applications and information about internships.

 You can also try these resources:
Ed2010, Media Bistro, Indeed (search internship). For sports internships, click here. For Spanish language or Hispanic internships, click here.

Q: How do internships work?

A: Increasingly, media companies pay interns–but it’s still pretty rare. Click here to read about the debate. Legally, if you are not paid for your internship, you are required to take a class for credit. If you take the internship for credit, you must register with Professor Appelbaum ( as you would for any class–which means you pay the college tuition. You may also need a letter confirming that you will receive college credit, which we can provide.

Q: How many credits can you receive?

You can register for 1, 2, or 3 credits.
Three credits means you work 180 hours (24-30 hours per week for 8 weeks)
Two credits means you work 120-179 (15-23 per wek for 8 weeks)
One credit means you work 60-119 hours) 12-22 hours per week)