The Pitch–Magazine Ideas 101

I asked the students in my MCA 101 class to think of me as a rich mogul with buckets of money to spend financing a magazine. They organized themselves into groups of three and were instructed to pitch their ideas–and the top four would get funded.

As a smart business person, I explained that I was on the look-out for a publication that would attract both a loyal, interested niche of readers, as well as lots of businesses eager to advertise. (In real life, businesspeople launch magazines all the time, including a publication called Knitting Today, above, which hit the market at the end of last year to appeal to the growing community of knitting enthusiasts.)

Okay, nobody in my class got a suitcase of cash. But the top four pitches received “A”s. All of the ideas were thoughtful and innovative, but here are the best of the best:

Alessandro Ciari, Catrin Svensson, Carly Trunkwalter
This magazine, and its website, appeal to an increasing community of local foodies as well as tourists from all over the world who’d like to find off-the-beaten path restaurants to try.

Krystofer Vega, Tae Yoon, Angel Castillo
This magazine targets growing numbers of young men (and some women) who love videogames. Apparently, existing gaming publications are very specific, and don’t cross platforms like The Review would. The three students also came up with the great idea of creating a reality-style gamer contest ala “Dancing with the Stars” that would be linked to the magazine. My only suggestion: come up with a more exciting title for the magazine, one at least as interesting as popular games like Dual Shock or Kill Zone.

Alexander Bencomo, William Jimenez, Juan Acosta
This magazine would provide in-depth articles about college and professional athletes. Think Vanity Fair crossed with Sports Illustrated. It would appeal mainly to young men, who can’t get enough information about their favorite athletes. Again, though the title. Glorious? Sounds a little girly. I suggested they rename it Deep.

BRAWL: Real fighters, Real stories, Unscripted

John Galeas, Jessica Savastano, James Cho

This publication targets growing numbers of rabid fans of mixed martial arts, a full contact international combat sport that is extremely popular mainly on pay-per-view. It’s like the WWF, but not fake. Though some of us were a little grossed out by the violence–and blood–that is part of the sport, a publication would definitely draw a hungry audience.

Congratulations to the winning pitches–and to everyone else!


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  1. Congrats everyone! People got really creative on this. I really enjoyed the personality behind these projects.

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