The Campus, Re-imagined

The Campus, CCNY’s student newspaper, has a new look and feel. Late last summer, the team of student editors who run the publication decided to switch from a traditional newspaper format to a more sophisticated magazine style. The new Campus is still a work in progress: So far the group has put out two issues–with a third and fourth on the way. As the faculty advisor, I’m proud of what the students have done and am looking forward to more improvements in the future.

The Campus has alot to live up to. Founded in the early 1900s, the publication is the oldest student newspaper in the CUNY system. It has won too many awards to count and produced some of history’s most prominent and talented newsmen and women, who speak about their experiences at the publication as life-changing. They went on to careers at the New York Times, Newsday, the Daily News, the International Herald Tribune--and on and on and on.

You can see the first two issues of The Campus on the publication’s website. Our online project is being tinkered with and not quite ready for “prime-time” thanks to some technical glitches. But we have big plans for Spring 2011.

Editor-in-chief Pavesh Chandrabhan and the rest of the student editors have vowed to publish six issues of The Campus in print over the spring semester, and my Reporting and Writing class will keep the website up-to-date with both news and feature stories of interest to CCNY students. This semester, my students posted some of their work on an alternate Campus site.

Next semester, we are also very excited to collaborate with Angela Harden and the student producers at WHCR, our community radio station, to create a “meet the press” style show. Everything Professor Harden does is top-notch, both technically and journalistically and our student writers are happy to work more closely with hers, who are pictured, below. 

Please keep an eye on The new Campus–and an ear on WHCR. We’re worth watching.